Zibarte Carpetex Hybrid Carpet Stain Remover 20 Kg

Zibarte Carpetex Hybrid Carpet Stain Remover 20 Kg

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Zibarte Carpet Stain Remover is sent in the form of a 20 liter canister. Zibarte stain remover can be applied to many stains such as tea, coffee, juice, oil, ink stain.


Zibarte Professional Carpet Stain Remover is added to  shampoo water mixture or used locally. When using it with shampooed water, you should add a blotter as much as half of the shampoo. If you want to use the stain remover locally, you can apply it to the carpet by mixing with water 1/1. We recommend you to use it in a small place before using a stain remover for delicate structures like hand woven wool carpets.

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